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7 tips for working out on the road

Hydrating the masses means a lot of travel! And whether we're traveling for work and for play, training waits for no one. We polled our team for their best tips on fitting in your workout while on the road. Follow these tips to stay on track!

1. pre-plan your route.

Check out the surrounding area on strava and map my ride for popular routes near where you'll be staying. Having a route in advance will make it easier to complete your workout.

2. contact local run and bike shops.

Many local sports retailers hold group runs during the week, and can also make recommendations for a great run or ride route.

3. front-load workouts that require specific equipment.

If you're worried about your ability to do a track workout during your trip, swap it with another workout and complete it before you leave. For strength training, focus on workouts that require less equipment so you don't need to pay for a day pass at a gym. Check out the hotel gym in advance, and consider bringing along a set of resistance bands.

4. Maintain your normal workout schedule.

Sticking to a routine will make it easier to fit your workouts in. If you normally wake up early to run before work, try to do the same during your trip.

5. Go easy on yourself.

That said, missing a workout isn't the end of the world. Sometimes life happens. Go easy on yourself, and start focusing on your next training session.

6. Don't forget to pack your gear!

It's hard to workout when you don't have what you need! Make sure you have the right clothes, the right shoes, and your favorite flavor of nuun to help you power through your workouts! We recommend bringing along a one-gallon ziplock bag to put your sweaty clothes in.

7. mix it up!

Our favorite way to explore a new city is while working up a sweat! Check out local cross-training options: bike sharing, local trails, beach fronts, maybe even a november project!

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