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Nuun Shandies

We’re going to let you in on a little two-word secret: Beer + Nuun. That’s right…two of our favorite refreshments combined as an all-in-one happiness beverage! At Nuun HQ, we’ve experimented with a number of Nuun/Beer combinations, and have found the most delightful combinations for your electrolyte + carbohydrate fix. As we head into crisper fall weather training, make sure to stock up on your favorite Nuun flavors and beer choices for some extra incentive at the end of your longer workouts, or to keep hydrated at this season’s tailgates!

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​Nuun’s guide to hyper-hydration

The what, the why, the how, the when.

Electrolyte circulation? Check
Fluid absorption on point? Affirmative.
Increased endurance performance? Oh, heck yea!

How is it that you reach this state of hydration bliss you ask? Two words: hyper-hydration. We’ve seen a growing popularity in the practice of pre-loading electrolytes over the last couple of years, and studies have pointed back to increased performance during endurance exercise as a result! Nuun’s hyper-hydration guide provides the basics of what you need to know before adding this hydration tactic into your long-haul regimen.

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Our Fave Nuun Popsicle Recipes

Nuun popsicles (aka Nuunsicles) can be as easy as mixing up some Nuun and popping it in the freezer. (Bonus points for fun popsicle molds!) And if you're looking to up your popsicle game this summer, try our favorite recipes below!

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​Watermelon Jalapeno Nuunarita

This year, we’re celebrating our favorite summer fruit by way of a Nuun margarita (or as we like to call it, a Nuunarita)! August 3rd is National Watermelon Day and we’ve mixed up JUST the cocktail for the occasion. Why, oh why do we love watermelon so? Let us count the ways…

1. Watermelon is made up of over 90% water. Bonus points for hydration!
2. It’s the fruit that brings the party. No summer BBQ is complete with watermelon slices.
3. It’s PINK! Come on, it doesn’t get any more fun than that!
4. Watermelon is full of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and antioxidants. #healthpoints
5. It’s delightfully sweet and refreshing after a hot workout.

This blended margarita is the best of all watermelon worlds. It’s refreshing, spicy, and tasty with a dose of Nuun Hydration! Does it get any better than this? (Hint: No, no it doesn’t.)

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​Having fun with hydration: Keeping your kids healthy and hydrated

Staying properly hydrated is important no matter what your shape or size, even if you’re a pint-sized peanut! Most kids don’t recognize the signs of dehydration, so it’s important to keep fluids available and abundant to make sure they can rehydrate all day long. Finding ways to keep your kids excited about hydration can be tough, so we’ve put together some helpful tips to make hydration more fun!

And yes! Our products are kid-friendly made with plant-base ingredients and low amounts of sugar. A handful of our products DO contain caffeine, which Nuun does not recommended for kids.

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Nuun and the Ketogenic Diet

Being a lifestyle hydration product, Nuun seeks to use and source ingredients that are clean, and inclusive of as many diets as possible. The Ketogenic (or “Keto”) diet is no exception.

The Keto diet follows the primary principles of limiting carbohydrate intake (to less than 20g or 5% of overall caloric intake per day). This diet focuses on a high-fat, and adequate protein plan to supplement the necessary nutrients and calories needed per day.

Over time, the body adapts to rely on fats for its primary source of energy (vs. carbohydrates). This shift allows the body to tap into fat stores (ketones) for energy rather than glucose. The overall goal is to reach a metabolic state of “ketosis” which is indicative of a certain level of ketones in the blood. Studies have shown that following a keto diet can aid in certain weight loss strategies and help with various body composition efforts.

So where does Nuun fit into all of this?

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The Role of Electrolytes

​All electrolytes are vital for the ongoing steady function of our bodies, but each of them individually plays a specific role in keeping our internal systems flowing. Nuun Electrolytes contains 4 essential electrolytes that keep our bodies happy, healthy and hydrated.

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Nuuntini Testing: Orange Nuunarita

Have you ever wondered what sunshine in a glass tastes like? Look no further than our latest Nuun influenced cocktail: The Orange Nuunarita!

This tasty spin on a classic margarita is a great way to treat yourself and replenish after a tough, hot workout. They are simple to make one by one, but also a great treat to make in bulk and serve from a pitcher when entertaining.

Your guests (and taste buds) will thank you!

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​Hydrating in the Heat

As the summer heats up, it’s more important than ever to prep for proper hydration. There are many ways that you can set yourself up for success when it comes to working out in the increasingly hot outdoors. Plan ahead this summer with some of our pointers below! Serious workout + Outdoor heat + Hydration prep = Good sweaty vibes!

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​Rise above the temperature: How to train WITH the heat, not against it

Hello again sunshine! Long days! Early mornings! And...heat stroke?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement of summer training without taking some time to consider the adjustment period your body needs to the heat. The hot days can sneak up on us, and the truth is…running/cycling in the heat takes acclimating.

Have you ever been out for a HOT run at the beginning of the summer and not felt your “regular self” in terms of energy supplies? Welcome to the club! Thankfully, there’s a simple breakdown for that: When the sun heats up, our skin heats up with it. When our outer body is hot, our core temperature also rises, and that’s when (if not properly training and acclimated), we can run into trouble.

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