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​Chef Vishal: Apple Pie Breakfast Quinoa

This delicious breakfast recipe is a great meal option for days when you have a hard workout in the schedule.

Your muscles will thank you for the blast of plant-based protein this meal provides from both the quinoa and almond milk! Pecans provide a balance of healthy fats in addition to the protein sources, as well as a little extra crunch to break up the texture of the quinoa.

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Chef Vishal: Couscous Scramble

This month’s Chef Vishal featured recipe is a tasty treat that provides for the busy athlete. This quick, easy and healthy meal is packed with healthy carbohydrates and proteins, making for a perfect dish the night before a longer run or intense workout.

Added bonus: this recipe is great to make is bulk and easy to re-heat for next day leftovers!

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Fueling for the Long Haul

Long runs take a lot out of you. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you’re putting a lot back in! Both hydration and fuel play a major role in maintaining energy levels during a long run, but what is the optimal combination for long-haul success?

As a general rule of thumb, runs lasting less than 90-minutes can usually manage on solid, maintained hydration without the need for regular fuel stops. Workouts outlasting the 90-minute mark begin to take a different toll on your body. Over 90-minutes, carbohydrates play a key role in keeping your body fueled for continued endurance exercise.

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Sugar and Exercise: Friends or Foes?

While recognizing the global conversation around the sugar epidemic, the fact is that sugar is a carbohydrate. More specifically, it’s a carbohydrate that can efficiently fuel our bodies and optimizes fluid absorption, making it a helpful resource in your workout fuel plan (at the proper amounts). Not all sugar comes in the form of refined, white granular sugar that could immediately come to mind. Many nutrient dense foods provide a healthy dose of sugar carbohydrates needed for proper physiological functions and more specifically, endurance performance.

This is not to say that “more is better” when it comes to sugar and exercise. In fact, the near opposite is true. Too much sugar will stress your stomach and lead to GI distress (if you’ve been in this situation, you KNOW it’s not a good time). Additionally, too much sugar does have detrimental effects on your health. So, how much sugar is the “right” amount of sugar, and how should it be consumed with respect to exercise?

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Chef Vishal: Double Stuffed Southwest Sweet Potatoes

These delicious stuffed sweet potatoes are perfect for an easy recovery meal after a long or intense workout. Sweet potatoes are high in potassium, which helps to promote muscle recovery. When paired with plant-based protein from the black beans and quinoa, you’ve got yourself a muscle recovery powerhouse!

The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric and chili also aid recovery from any internal inflammation built up from your workout.

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Cashew Chili with Chef Vishal

This flavorful chili will satisfy your taste-buds and is perfect for a post long-run recovery meal. It packs a major protein punch through plant-based protein sources (legumes/beans), and is full of essential and non-essential amino acids for muscle recovery. To top it all off, this recovery meal provides a balanced blend of key vitamins and minerals!

This chili should be served over brown rice to round out your proteins, and avocado slices for some of those healthy fats.

For a little EXTRA yum, sprinkle with some shredded cheese just before serving!

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Chef Vishal: 20 Minute M​arinara

By: Chef Vishal

When I eat pasta, I like to keep it simple with a traditional marinara only has a hand full of ingredients. This is a base recipe that's quick to make, and it's easy to add additional ingredients to match the flavor of the week. For example, add diced carrots, celery, and your protein of choice to make it into a heart bolognaise sauce.

This sauce freezes well, so you can make a batch in bulk and store it for future weeknight dinners.

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The Juice: Citrus Beet Smoothie

Guest Blog: Katie Rodger, The Juice

As the days get shorter and nights get longer, we’re putting some glow in your go, welcoming winter with a season-proof dose of sippable sunshine. This colorful concoction is full of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and fiber, using beets as it’s base to promote muscle repair and regenerate cell structure.

Known for their endurance enhancing properties, beets increase blood vessel dilation, which means more oxygen can be transported more effectively to your muscles. More oxygen = more muscle capacity, so before you know it, you’re running with less fatigue (both on and off the track). In short: I’m not going to not say that these potent little powerhouses will make you feel like a magical, flying unicorn (or better yet .. Nuunicorn?)

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Running on Veggies Recovery Smoothie

Guest blog by ​Running on Veggies

​Recovery starts from the second you walk in the door after your run or workout. Smoothies are a great way to boost your recovery because they get nutrients into your body quickly and even on-the-go. Often we find ourselves running directly from a workout to work, meetings, and carpools. And this means recovery becomes an afterthought, if at all. I am all about making things easy and simple so that this doesn't have to happen. No need to over complicate nutrition. It can be as simple as this smoothie!

It's no secret - I'm a big Nuun fan! I spend a lot of time at high altitudes and getting in extra hydration is a constant effort. I find that if I'm not hydrated enough my muscles cramp and I feel lethargic and tired. Adding Nuun to water or a smoothie like I did here is a great way to get extra hydration in. And lest you think that with winter on the horizon you won't need extra hydration, trust me - you are losing more water than you think, even if you are hardly sweating. Nuun recently came out with a new product with vitamins. If you are anything like me and are always forgetting to take your supplements, this is a great way to get all the essentials in. The new vitamin tablets include vitamin E, C, A, calcium, magnesium and much more.

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Chef Vishal: Stuffed Peppers

We all want to eat better, but let's face it: sometimes our busy schedule gets in the way. The good news: this stuffed pepper is super easy to make, and you can substitute another protein for the ground turkey. The filling provides a great ‘burrito bowl’ base for lunch during the work week!

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