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sport: running

I'm someone that discovered running a bit later in life. At first, it was a means to lose weight. Now, it's a central part of my life. But perhaps the biggest reason is the community that make up this sport at all levels are perhaps the most positive and uplifting people on this earth. Running teaches me to dream, pursue, and empower. The opportunities that I have to support others in pursuit of their own journeys, especially when I'm able to introduce them to this sport, are truly what fuel my own journey. Today, I to do that through the Oiselle Team, coaching the Chicago Cancer to 5K team, and being with friends in various local running clubs. It's a fun and busy. Nuun helps me stay hydrated through it all.


I started running in 2009. Since then... 26.2 x 6 (My current focus) - 13.1 x12 PR's Marathon: 4:28:47 (Fall 2014) Half Marathon: 1:59:37 PR (Summer 2013) 5k: 25:49 (Spring 2013)

Ali's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Wild Berry

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