team nuun athlete

sport: Skiing

My name is Bret Bechis (Bee-chiss). I am an avid and accomplished outdoor athlete - skiing (racing and big mountain), surfing, trail running, cycling and trekking - coach, brand ambassador, world traveler and young professional in the Bay Area. I discovered Nuun in August 2012 just prior to my first half marathon. An accomplished athlete in skiing and baseball, I was diving into the world of endurance sports and looking for a sports drink that was transportable and would keep me light and balanced. Of all the options, Nuun was far and away the best (and most colorful and fun) and accompanied me on a huge slate of adventures over the past year and a half: In short, I swear by Nuun and give as much to friends and people I meet (from kids to grandparents, friends to coworkers) as I buy for myself along every stop in the journey, on the trail, in the airport or in a new country. I've created at least 100 new Nuun fans in this year simply from daily interactions in the workplace, on the bus, on the mountain, on the slopes or in the saddle.


The North Face Endurance Challenge - 50 Miler (2013, 2014) Backcountry Skiing - the Haute Route; Asahidake, Japan; New Zealand Trekking - Torres Del Paine; Laugavegurinn; Yosemite; Zion; Grand Canyon Trail Running - Anywhere in the Bay Area. Former Captain of the Stanford Ski Team