Jennifer Pinarski

team nuun athlete

sport: running

Jen Pinarski is an avid endurance athlete based in rural Ontario. Committed to being fit enough for any adventure, she balances a busy writing career with raising two equally active young children. A popular blogger with Canada's largest parenting magazine, Today's Parent, as well as contributing to many other online outlets, Jen often shares tips for families starting out on their own fitness journeys. When she's not running on the trails, riding her bike or in the pool training for her next race, you'll find Jen chasing her two children through the great outdoors, tweeting and Instagramming as she goes. I fell in love with nuun during my first pregnancy, when the Lemon Lime flavour was the one of the only things I was able to stomach (while still training with my Masters swim team and triathlon team). That was nine years ago and I haven't re-filled my water bottles with any other electrolyte! I have branched out into other flavours and am excited to see nuun plus in Canada!


I believe in being fit enough for any active adventure and since taking up endurance sports in 2003, I've completed runs ranging in distances from 5K to 50K, Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons, century bike rides, snowshoe racing, stand-up paddleboarding and open water swims ranging in distances from 1500 to 5.5K. On social media, I talk candidly about balancing parenthood and being athlete, focusing on the joy in being an active role model for my children. Running 5K: 7 races 10K: 3 races 21.2: 15 races 42.2K: 1 50K: 2 races Cycling 50K: 7 100K: 2 160K: 1 Triathlon Sprint: 15 Olympic: 1 Open Water Swimming 1500: 1 4K: 1 5.5K: 1

Jennifer's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Tri-Berry

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