Linda Wong
team nuun athlete

sport: Running

Throw in equal parts of running, community, philanthropy, and events and that's what you'll find in Linda Wong. With her background of managing multiple sporting and corporate events, she works to empower people who want to see change in the world through charitable engagement in events. When she’s not working on her career, she leads the charge in the run community by leading run groups (lululemon Robson Flagship store and Vancouver Running Company) and spreading charitable love in the run community by bringing people and volunteers together.


Linda’s no stranger to goal setting and smashing goals as a seasoned runner on and off the road. Her running accomplishments include the Boston Marathon, Miwok 100k ultramarathon, and completing 2 x 50km ultramarathons 8 weeks apart.

Linda's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Mango Orange

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