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sport: Running

First of all, I am a wife and a mom. I teach high-school English and Sunday school at church, and I love being a role model in every sense of the word. I try my hardest to live my life in a way that would inspire others. I love to run. It brought me out of a very dark place almost four years ago. I can't imagine my life without running. I am currently training for my third marathon in January. Nuun is always along for the ride, of course. I also like making soap, playing piano, reading, professional football, singing (I'm seriously the official wedding singer.), and I love blogging. I like writing about my crazy holistic health experiments, my races, product reviews, and updates on my son. I'm a go-getter and very self-motivated. I love helping others discover the same qualities within themselves. I believe that life is too short not to enjoy every second of it. Most importantly, I believe in hard work and setting goals. There's nothing like reaching a goal and marking it off your bucket list. I also love to show other moms that they are capable of being active and taking care of themselves all while being a good mother at the same time. I also believe in not doing something unless it's going to make me better tomorrow. It's all about improvement, not perfection.


First place in the 25-29 age group at the Life Without Limits Half Marathon (October 2014) with a time of 1:54:58 Second place in the 25-29 age group at the Dam Bridge 10k (November 2014) with a time of 50:30 Completed my first trail 50k (Black Warrior 50k February 2014) with a time of 7:14 Completed two half marathons, one 10k, and one 5k while I was pregnant with my son in 2012 Completed my first marathon in February 2012 (Mercedes in Birmingham, AL) with a time of 4:30:32

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