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choose healthy hydration for your next event

nuun will be hydrating over 1 million participants on-course this year, and is perfect for your next event, too.

healthy hydration

nuun's event director program is a low cost option to hydrate events of all sizes. our highly customizable packages complement all types of events including running races, recreational rides, team sport tournaments, and more.

your customizable package can include:

  • bulk bags of nuun electrolyte enhanced drink tablets (no stirring needed)
  • nuun-branded cups
  • decals
  • coolers
  • samples for medical tent/staff
  • other optional add ons

you sweat – nuun active replenishes

packed with electrolytes, clean ingredients, and light flavor, nuun active is the perfect sports drink for your event.

nuun contains:

  • optimal blend of electrolytes
  • fast absorbing formula
  • low sugar
  • clean plant-based ingredients
  • gluten, dairy, and soy-free, vegan, and Informed Choice (safe for sport) certifications

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please allow 6-8 weeks for processing. events with more than 50 people in attendance are eligible for this program.

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