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The Fundamentals

Ready, Set, PR Bundle #1: The Fundamentals

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10 tubes + Endurance sachets + Water Bottle

Ready, Set, PR Hydration: Weeks 1-4

The essentials for kicking off your 12-weeks of training!

The Peak Pack

Ready, Set, PR Bundle #2: The Peak Pack

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11 tubes + Endurance canister + Pint glass

Ready, Set, PR Hydration: Weeks 5-8

Nail your rest week + peak week hydration!

Homestretch Hydration

Ready, Set, PR Bundle #3: Homestretch Hydration

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9 tubes + Endurance sachets + Race day accessories

Ready, Set, PR Hydration: Weeks 9-12

Final training + Race Day Hydration

30-Day Hydration Challenge Kit

30-Day Hydration Challenge Kit

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3 products, 8 flavors

Life is Better Hydrated

Are you ready to take the 30-Day Hydration Challenge?

Work Hard, Rest Hard

Work Hard, Rest Hard

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2 Products, 4 Flavors

Dream Big & Dream Deeply

When you’re pushing your body to its physical limits, building in time to rest and recover is essential.


Team Hydration Kit

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12 tubes, 2 flavors + Accessories

Keep Your Team Hydrated

Whether you're running a 24-hour relay or a team of kids to soccer practice, electrolytes are key!